A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Kitting

A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Kitting

So you’ve decided to invest in your appearance or start up your makeup career. You’re calm and composed and ready to take the first step. And then you do and find yourself floating lost and alone in a never-ending sea of makeup products, unsure of where to start.

Well, you’re not alone! We’re here for you, and you can trust us to guide you through this formerly daunting process by letting you know exactly what you need and why you need them.

  1. Primer/moisturizer:

Now, while some may argue that this is optional for starters, we strongly recommend adding this to your makeup kit, especially as a beginner. Prepping your skin before makeup makes all the difference in the application and longevity of your makeup, and whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, right?

Primers and moisturizers are the most critical aspects of skin prep, and skin prep is an absolute must for good makeup. This is because prepping your skin ensures that the makeup goes on evenly and stays put. No matter how good the rest of your products are or how meticulously you apply them, your makeup would only look as good as its base.

Primers fill in those tiny creases, large pores, and rough textures when smoothed over your skin, creating a smooth surface for your makeup to glide over. Primers also help to control the oil on your skin, therefore allowing the makeup to last longer. Suitable primers, like the Elsaspro Invisible Pore Primer, are non-negotiable for prepping oily skin.

The glorious purpose of the moisturizer is to keep your skin hydrated. This is very important because dry skin can cause your foundation to look cakey. Moisturizers help the products sink properly into the skin and give you an overall youthful look. When choosing a moisturizer for your makeup prep, you want to pick one that’s light, non-comedogenic and water-based (especially if you have oily skin.) Elsaspro Intensive moisture balance is a perfect choice for pre-makeup moisturizer. Its water-based solution keeps your skin moisturized without feeling greasy.

Ideally, you should get both a moisturizer and a primer. Still, if you absolutely have to pick one, the trick is to get the primer if you have oily skin moisturizer if you don’t.

2. Foundation

As the name suggests, foundation lays the groundwork for your makeup. It gives your skin the appearance of an even skin tone.

Some people shy away from foundation because they fear it will feel heavy on their face or make them look like they’re wearing a mask, but it’s not supposed to do that!

A little goes a long way with foundation, so a light coat will suffice most times. And as long as you use a good quality foundation that’s right for your skin, it should look just like your skin, only more alive and rejuvenated. Don’t worry if you’re unsure of how to select the proper foundation for your skin’. We’ve also created a post to help with that.

Elsaspro Dewy foundation was specifically formulated to give your skin that vibrant, dewy look. You should definitely check it out.

3. Face Powder:

The truth about face powder is that it’s a holy grail for some people and a thank you next to others. Powder helps to set the makeup and reduce the amount of oil on your face. It also makes the rest of the makeup easier to apply and last longer.

There are different face powders, but a compact powder like the Elsaspro Pressed Powder is an excellent place to start. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to carry about.

4. Eyeshadow Palette:

Your eyes are captivating by their very nature and are one of the first things people notice about you. Therefore, it is essential to pay due attention to how your eyes look.

Whether you’re looking to create a natural everyday look or achieve a dramatic look, eyeshadow is always a welcome addition to your makeup process. It would be incredibly convenient to have different palettes for different looks. Still, you can get a palette with a decent range for starters, like the Elsaspro Sombre Matte Eyeshadow Palette or the Elsaspro Luminous Eyshadow Shimmer Palette.

5. Blush:

Blush is a game-changer when it comes to makeup. Some people avoid it for fear that coloured cheeks are a thing for clowns, but a few rightly placed swipes of the right blush will leave you looking radiant, healthy and youthful.

All you need to do is apply the blush properly, and it will give you a glow that not even highlighters can match. It is an enduring classic that can serve as the perfect finishing to a face full of makeup or the only thing you wear on lazy days. It’s a definite must! Check out the Elsaspro Baked Blushes or Double Blushes.

6. Lipsticks and Lipglosses:

If you’re a fan of glossy lips with little or no colours, get lip glosses. If you’re more interested in pigmented, moist lips, get lipsticks; and if you love that matte, plum-and-pouty look, get lip stains. Easy right? But if you’re like most people, then the preference at any point varies, and you would like to keep your options open. 

Reds, nudes and pinks are the most fail-proof colours. So if you don’t have a preferred colour, you should definitely start with these. Feel free to explore the ElsasPro moisturizing, charming and fruity lip gloss lines. As well as our extensive selection of lipstick colours and shades.

7. Brow pencil/ brow gel:

You can get one or both of these. It really depends on you.

Brow pencils are convenient and the most essential brow tool to achieve precision when drawing or filling in your brows. This is especially true if the shape is your primary concern. On the other hand, Brow gels would be essential if you have full, unruly brows because they help hold the brows in place for one. Our Elsaspro brow pencil comes in two shades: 02 for lighter, more natural brows and 03 for bolder brows. It also comes with an attached mascara wand to make it more convenient to draw and fill in your brows. 

Some brands have brow gels in different shades. Elsaspro brow setting gel, for instance, has three shades of brown and clear. 

8. Brushes and beauty blender: 

If you have the best makeup products on the planet, but if you don’t use quality brushes, it shows. 

When selecting brushes, it’s essential to pick brushes with soft bristles made of natural fibres that won’t fall off with time. The brushes should be durable and densely packed. 

You need brushes and a beauty blender for the application of your makeup. We have a detailed post explaining the different kinds of brushes and their uses, but the most essential eight of them: powder, foundation, contour, eyeshadow, eyeliner, flat/angled brush, multi-purpose brush. All of these are included in our Elsaspro Brush collection

Some people prefer to use the beauty blenders for their makeup application. This is because its unique nature allows your makeup to blend into your skin as its being applied.

9. A Setting Spray You trust:

Setting spray regulates your skin moisture and temperature to ensure that your makeup stays in place. It stops the products on your skin from smudging, creasing or fading so that it looks fresh all day.

It also helps to enhance the appearance of your makeup by giving it your desired finish. Our Elsaspro Setting spray, for example, gives you a matte finish and helps the makeup settle well on your face

10. Mascara:

Do I even need to talk about this? Mascaras are another one of those lazy-day products that would instantly enhance your appearance.

Mascara adds depth and beauty to your eyes. Great mascaras, like the ElsasPro Lash Out Mascara, lengthen, thicken, darken and curl your eyelashes, making your eyes pop and making you even more gorgeous.

The truth is that nothing is ‘absolutely necessary’ when it comes to makeup. You can choose whatever the hell it is that makes you feel amazing. But these are the staple makeup products to have in your kit. 

What’s your do-or-die makeup product? Is there something you feel we left out or is unnecessary on the list? Kindly let us know in the comment section below. 

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